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Guide to Pairing

Its no mystery.  its all by the numbers

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The principle of pairing is simple.  Contestants are listed in numerical order on the pairing chart.  The concept is that the top man is paired with the first opponent below him/her whom he/she has not met.
When there is an odd number of opponents, the wrestler on the bottom of the list receives a bye (does not wrestle) in that round, then he/she becomes first on the list for the next round.  this does not mean that you pair upward from the bottom -- it means that No. 11, after receiving a bye, actually is listed above No. 1 for the next round and remains in that spot for the rest on the tournament.  So pairings would be done with the numbers in the following order.  11, 1, 2, 3, 4......10
The pairer doesn't normally look at the names of the wrestlers until the bout sheets are written.
Here are some examples.

Pair them Up

Below are some sheets you can download to practice your pairings. (and check your answers).

Practice your Pairings

Check your pairings!